ron's character references
okay, so! this is where i'll post profiles of my characters that i'm keen on roleplaying. this can kind of serve as a temporary roleplay proposal for the time being too, i guess, but it won't be super complicated. 

all characters have visual references/character profiles on drawn/made by me! 

if you'd like to rp, shoot me a message, i don't bite! for comfort's sake i'm most able to roleplay on skype or on the forums here! i'm uncomfortable with roleplaying sexual nsfw, but most other things mpreg-related are fair game! i'm mostly looking to write fluff or hurt/comfort, totally open to discuss things!!

Emperor Sugimoto Daiki:

Character Name: Daiki Sugimoto (first name first)
Character Age: 27
Character Height: 5' 11"
Character Weight: 150 lbs
Character Sexuality: homosexual
Character Specification: carrier
Character Race: japanese (or fantasy japanese anyway)
Character Residence: fantasy japan
Character Occupation: emperor
Character Description: softspoken, elegant, and serious
(pretty much based on this wonderful artist's comic and characters:

Linsada Fey'aern:

(he doesn't have a profile yet--here's what he looks like:

Character Name: Linsada Fey'aern
Character Age: 36
Character Height: 6'2"
Character Weight: 180 lbs.
Character Sexuality: pansexual
Character Specification: carrier/sire
Character Race: drow
Character Residence: The Underneath/The Surface (general Fantasy Land™)
Character Occupation: Rogue
Character Description: bent on redemption, finding a purpose away from a tortured past


Character Name: Abel
Character Age: 28
Character Height: 5'9"
Character Weight: 144 lbs.
Character Sexuality: bisexual
Character Specification: carrier
Character Race: merman, appears middle eastern/filipino
Character Residence: pacific ocean
Character Occupation: merman???
Character Description: cautious, anxious, Dad Friend™

Ashqar al' Minhas:

Character Name: Ashqar al'Minhas
Character Age: 36
Character Height: 5'10"
Character Weight: 168 lbs.
Character Sexuality: bisexual, preference for men
Character Specification: omega, carrier
Character Race: Egyptian/Saudi Arabian
Character Residence: Brooklyn, New York
Character Occupation: Secretary
Character Description: kind, troubled, easygoing and agreeable

Viscount Rose:

Character Name: Rose
Character Age: appears to be 35
Character Height: 6'0"
Character Weight: 20 lbs. (magic stuff)
Character Sexuality: homosexual
Character Specification: carrier/sire
Character Race: flower faerie
Character Residence: Winter Court, Fae Kingdom
Character Occupation: Viscount
Character Description: scholarly, diplomatic, keeps up with trends 

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