A Wolves Pack Reference Sheets
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[b][color=#0ebfe9]Character Name:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#0ebfe9]Character Age:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#0ebfe9]Character Gender:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#0ebfe9]Wolf Breed:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#0ebfe9]Wolf Rank:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#61b329]Eye Color:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#61b329]Hair Color (H/W):[/color][/b]
[b][color=#61b329]Body Type/Build (H):[/color][/b]
[b][color=#61b329]Skin Tone (H):[/color][/b]
[b][color=#cd0000]Other Info:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#cd0000]Face Claim:[/color][/b]

Key: H means Human Features.  W means Wolf Features.
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Character Name: Troy Hanna
Character Age: 27 Years Old
Character Gender: Male
Carrier/Seeder/Both: Seeder
Wolf Breed: Grey Wolf - Dire Wolf Descendent
Wolf Rank: True Alpha
Weight: 225 Pounds
Height: Six Foot, Three Inches (6'3")
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color (H/W): H: Short Black Hair | W: Grey, White, and Black.
Body Type/Build (H): Tall, Stocky, Muscular.
Skin Tone (H): Perfectly Tanned.
     Right Ear: Lobe, Tragus, Industrial, Helix.
    Left Ear: Lobe, Industrial, Helix.
    Both Nipples Pierced
    Dermal Piercings: Collarbone, Hip Bones
    Facial Piercings: Left and Right Eyebrow, Snake Bites, Labret, Septum.
    Right Arm
    Left Arm
    Both Pectoral Muscles
    Left Ribcage
    Right Leg, tail on foot and dragon head on thigh.
Deformities: None.
Other Info:
    » Future Leader of the Yellowstone Wolf Pack.
    » Has a Juvenile criminal record; Grand Theft Auto, Vandalism, Loitering.  His life of crime ended though, at the age of 18, when his record was expunged and he had to take life a little more seriously; Although he still happens to get into a lot of trouble because he still hangs out with his best friend Rowen.
    » His best friend is Rowen Holloway.  They've known each other since they were about ten years old, they met at a school party and hit it off almost immediately.  If they didn't look exceedingly different, you'd think that they were twin brothers.
    » Troy has a few younger brothers, of course, but he hardly hangs out with them - or anyone from the pack, aside from Rowen.  He is a practiced loner, avoiding a lot of pack meetings and general pack get-togethers.  He'd rather spend his time up at Rowen's cabin where they both live.    
Face Claim:
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[Image: Gp5nzwC.png]
Character Name: Mitsuo Ikari
Character Age: 28
Character Gender: Male
Carrier/Seeder/Both: Both (but mostly carrier)
Wolf Breed: Japanese Wolf (resembles a wolf crossed with an Akita Inu)
Wolf Rank: Omega
Weight: 130lbs
Height: 5'3"
Eye Color: Dark brown with a hint of honey-gold around the pupil
Hair Color (H/W): Naturally black, often dyed/ black with white markings
Body Type/Build (H): Stocky
Skin Tone (H): light
Piercings: two in each lobe, right eyebrow, nose bridge, tongue, double snake bites with an extra ring on the right side, and a center lip piercing. Two dydoe piercings below the belt
Tattoos:[b] Back, Misc. skulls and dragons down his left arm, a koi sleeve on his left lower leg[/b]
Deformities: faint scars from left eyebrow piercings, faint burn scars from an incident involving boiling water when he was a child.
Other Info: He tries to look and act tough, but he's really a soft kitten on the inside.
Face Claim: 
[Image: tumblr_op8bgzrSmJ1uzsv0ro3_500.jpg]
Res. Cause I need to not be lazy and post for Rowen.
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Character Name: Bryus 'Bry' Xavier
Character Age: 27
Character Gender: Male
Carrier/Seeder/Both: Carrier
Wolf Breed: Tundra Wolf
Wolf Rank: Omega
Weight: 255
Height: 6'5"
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color (H/W): H: Light Brown | W: Black, Light Grey, some splashes of Brown
Body Type/Build (H): Athletic
Skin Tone (H): Light Tan
  • Left Ear
  1. Industrial 
  2. Lobe
  3. Daith
  • Right Ear
  1. Helix
  2. Lobe 1
  3. Lobe 2 & 3
Tattoos:  Deformities:
  • He has scars from a minimally invasive heart surgery he had to have when he was little. They look like these three but healed over.
Other Info:
  1. He is completely nuts over space. He went to college for astrology and has dedicated his life to learning more and more about what is out there in space.
  2. Bry likes to cook. He never got to do it much growing up but he took several cooking classes and he's actually really good at it.
  3. He hates being such a huge Omega. With his parents being so tall and most of the men in the family being Alphas everyone was surprised when he turned out not to be one. He's very self conscious about it.
  4. He's got very long hair and he's super proud of it.
  5. He comes from a very large family of twelve and has a twin brother.
Face Claim:
[Image: BrockOHurn1.png?resize=386%2C500]

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