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Troy rolled his eyes and stuck his fork at Rowen "Asshole." He muttered "We have to check with the food caterers, the school committee, the wildlife reservation... Make sure that all of the things that they need to be doing, is being done. Then we have to go to the site, make sure that all of the safety precautions are set up..." Troy stabbed at the omelet a few times, munching down on the eggs "We really do not need a repeat of last year... Nearly burning down the forest because some drunken idiot thought it would be fun to try and jump over the bonfire..." Troy rolled his eyes again, although he had been one of the drunk idiots to also attempt It, alongside Rowen and a few of their buddies from the college.

Troy grasped onto a piece of toast, scarfing it down like a starving man before he picked up his coffee and drained it until it was dry "And *you* specifically have to go to the pack house. My father has been requesting you for weeks now, lord knows what he actually wants, but he's been meaning to speak with you..." Troy shrugged his shoulders "Guess you could brush him off some more... He's a patient man... That's what he gets for being old though... He doesn't get angry quickly anymore. Just, you know, go there, eventually..."
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Rowen mulled over the thought as he chewed on his breakfast,
"Probably just wants to bitch at me for being an 'Alpha who doesn't act like one' blah blah blah, my dad got in me at least three times a week about that." He sighed downing the rest of his black coffee in one go like it was an extra large shot, " Guess I can't avoid it forever, maybe I'll just head up there after getting dressed and meet up with you later?" It was also now his best excuse at getting away from real responsibility.

He gathered up the plates when they were done eating taking his turn to clean up since Troy had cooked. His face paled considerably when he was near done washing a hand going to cover his mouth moments before he bolted to the nearest bathroom to wrench out his guts. He hated getting sick like this. Throwing up was always the worse, leaving him feeling shaky and weak as he clung to a toilet blow for dear life. When he was finished he brushed his teeth again to get rid of any left over bile and returned to the kitchen, arms wrapped loosly around his waist.
"Your cooking was great I swear, I'm just off."
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Name: Bryus 'Bry' Xavier
Age: 27
Primary Gender: Omega
Secondary Gender: Male
Wolf Breed [If Born Wolf]: Tundra Wolf

Character Description: Bry had a bit of a strange childhood. Being the youngest of four, and a twin to boot, everyone expected him to be an Alpha. He was big for his age and seeming to show all the right characteristics for it no one prepared him for this. His older siblings we both Alphas, his twin was also one, and he somehow got the short end of the stick and was stuck with being an Omega. If only they were identical instead of fraternal, then he would be like his other siblings so he wasn't always going to forever being mistaken as what he only wished he could be. When Bry got older he learned how to love himself for who he was. Yeah, he was a carrier and had to go through such awful heats but with his size no Alpha would try taking advantage of him. He had been really skinny as a young teen but to keep his siblings from trying to kill everyone that looked at Bry wrong the Omega worked on gaining muscles. One look at him and anyone would be fooled until you caught his scent. He may look big and scary but he is the biggest softy, ready to cuddle anyone and become the best Omega for his future mate. For now he just started working at the high school as a Science teacher and a fill in for the Biology teacher when they get to the topics of Omegas

Bryus had woken up like any normal day. There was nothing special though he felt like there was something that made the air feel new, almost like a good thing was going to happen. Stretching out his sleepy aches he got out of bed to get ready. It was his first day on the job and he was nervous. The town was still so new to the Omega and he wasn't sure when he was going to make any friends. All he hoped for was an easy first day without any hitches though that was too much to ask for. Bry was coming into the job late so he was going to have to see exactly where they left off with the last teacher and substitute. If he was lucky they would be able to use one of the lesson plans he had prepared.

Warm shower down and a warm cup of coffee paired with a hearty pancake breakfast he rushed out of the house to get his day started.

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