Mythology Merge
In a world much like our own, though abundantly more fantastical. Myths and magic are breathed back into society with beasts, creatures, fairies, and demigods roaming the country being as common as humans. Norse, Roman, Greek, Egyptians, all live in harmony in the streets. What kind of life will you life in a world where almost anything is possible? 

I'd like to stick to the more 'human' side of the spectrum when it comes to creatures and demigods . Though I'm not opposed to creatures! Only full on 'beasts'. Gorgons, Sirens, Dwarfs, Centaurs, ect. Sound find but you could always PM me if you're unsure about the lines.

If you want to brainstorm or just talk feel free to PM me or add me on Discord, if enough people have one I'll make the RP a discord chat.

All fourm rules obviously apply.
Have as many or as few characters as you wish but if someone needs a partner don't be afraid to step in.
I know the 'incest' lines in mythology are blurred in the first place but please keep it to cousins or farther if the need arises 

Any character applications will go on a separate page here
This thread will be specifically for the main RP.
  • [Yrkki 'Ky' Valsom/22/Male/Greek Demigod/Son of Thanatos]
  • [Jaclyn 'Bird, Jay, Jay-bird' Dalton/20/Female/Egyptian Demigod/ Daughter of Horus]
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Feel free to PM me if you have any questions!
Or add me on Discord  (Casey.Day#4170 ) if you need to get ahold of me quickly!
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