MPreg Roleplay Terminology
MPreg: 'Male Pregnancy' where a character who identifies as or is biologically male becomes pregnant.
FPreg: 'Female Pregnancy' where a character who identifies as or is biologically female becomes pregnant.
APreg: 'Alternative Pregnancy' where a character who identifies as non-binary or gender neutral and becomes pregnant.
Alien: Where an Alien becomes pregnant or a Human becomes pregnant by an Alien.
Anthropomorphic: An animalistic creature with humanoid features; like being bipedal and being able to speak.

Normal Pregnancy: Where a pregnancy lasts the approximate time of [Nine Months] with one to four offspring.
Perpetual Pregnancy: Where a pregnancy lasts indefinitely or a character experiences one pregnancy after another pregnancy.
Extended Pregnancy: Where a pregnancy lasts longer than the length of nine months, often times referred to as 'Overdue'.  The difference between this and perpetual is that there is still a defined length of time, often decided by the participants.
Egg Pregnancy: Also known as oviposition where a pregnancy involves gestating or laying eggs rather than a fetus.
Animal Pregnancy: Where a pregnancy involves an animal fetus versus a human fetus; most commonly used in shifter roleplays.

Vaginal Birth: Where offspring is born vaginally - Common with Straight, Trans and/or Hermaphroditic characters.
Cesarean Birth (C-Section): Where offspring is born surgically through means of an incision to the abdomen and womb.
Anal Birth: Where offspring is born through the anal canal; most common in MPreg.
Penis Birth: Where offspring is born through the urethra. 
Throat Birth: Where offspring is born through the throat or neck; can be considered unvore.
Navel Birth: Where offspring is born through the navel/belly button.

Normal Growth: Where the pregnancy progresses over a normal and natural amount of time.
Delayed Growth: Where the pregnancy progresses at a slower than normal or natural amount of time.
Rapid Growth: Where the pregnancy progresses at a faster than normal or natural amount of time.

Vore: An alternative style of pregnancy in which one character/creature ingests another by swallowing; may or may not involve digestion.
Unbirth: An alternative style of pregnancy in which a character/creature being played is physically swallowed by another character or creature through the vagina and into the womb for gestation and birth.

A/B/O Dynamics: Also known as alpha, beta, omega dynamics. It is a roleplay in which the characters have been defined by biological roles based on a hierarchical system of being either an Alpha, Beta, or Omega. There may shifting from a human form to an animal or humanoid form, knotting, or other animalistic elements involved, or the characters may be otherwise purely human.
Alphas: Notably the most dominant character with the ability to impregnate Omegas. Male Alpha's are known to usually have knots when they are aroused.
Betas: Are generally between Alphas and Omegas and are subordinate to an Alpha. They may or may not be able to impregnate Omegas. Betas are often presented as having "normal" human or animal anatomies with none of the special attributes of an Alpha or Omega.
Omegas: Usually the lowest in the hierarchical system; but in a lot of universes, Omegas are recognized as rare and prized individuals. Omegas are self-lubricating and have the ability to become pregnant; female, male or otherwise. Omegas often times form bonds with an alpha or beta lover, which is essentially a special connection between the duo and may or may not include telepathic abilities between them.
Rut/Heat: An Alpha often times goes into a rut, while an Omega often times goes into a heat, when their sexual appetite is at its very strongest and is often times when an Omega would find themselves becoming impregnated by their Alpha - or even their Beta, if that is whom they are mated too.
Prohibited Kinks and Limitations

1)  BESTIALITY is not allowed on this forum.  This means having sexual relationships between an ANIMAL and a HUMAN being.

The exception to this rule is Anthro's, Furries, and Animal Shapeshifters; those are the ONLY accepted forms of sex between two animals that also happen to be human-like in nature.  Violators of this rule will be warned twice before a week ban is put in place.

2) INCEST Relationships - This is currently a negotiable subject matter.  There are several subjects that we will allow, while others we are against.  The only way that one will be able to repeal the currently UNACCEPTED subject matters is by creating a petition and having Fifty(50) or more people that agree that it should be a part of the forum, or against the rules entirely.

Currently Accepted Incest Relationships:
  • Siblings (Brother/Sister - Brother/Brother - Sister/Sister)
  • Step-Siblings (See above.)
  • Cousins.
  • Step-Parents (Step-Father/Son - Step-Father/Daughter - Step-Mother/Son - Step-Mother/Daughter)
Currently Unaccepted Incest Relationships:
  • Parent/Child (Mother/Son - Mother/Daughter - Father/Son - Father/Daughter)
  • Grandparent/Grandchild (Grandmother/Granddaughter - Grandmother/Grandson - Grandfather/Grandson - Grandfather/Granddaughter)
  • Uncle/Nephew - Uncle/Niece - Aunt/Nephew - Aunt/Niece
Those found in violation of this rule will receive two warnings and then will be banned for one week.

3)  PREGNANT MINOR CHARACTERS are not allowed on this forum.  This means that anyone under the age of EIGHTEEN are not allowed to be portrayed as being pregnant, having been pregnant or even having sex is allowed.
Violators of this rule will be warned ONCE, if it happens again, a two week ban will be put into place.
  • 4a) MINOR CHARACTERS are ALLOWED on the forum - meaning from age seventeen and younger.  But they must not be involved in sexual activities in any manner of speaking - they should not even be in the same virtual room as two adults who may be having sex.
    Violators of this rule will NOT be warned and will receive a two week ban - if the offense is committed again they will be permanently banned from the forum.

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