Generation X (Super human RP) (Open)
Immediately he was concerned with all of the people gathered around, but then his concern quickly turned to anger when he saw Jax and Noel so close together, and both of them pulling out of what had to be a very heated kiss.  “What the…” He growled slightly, feeling his hands heat up as his anger started taking over. 
There were two things stopping him from charging forward and throttling Jax – Mirik standing in front of him and the look of adoration on Noel’s face when he could finally see his baby brother again, now that the snow was finally clearing.  There was no way he could destroy what could possibly be his brother’s first love, even though the duo had known each other for a short period of time. 
Taking the time to calm his anger down, Nate breathed slowly and a little easier “We need to get them out of here before something bad happens.” Nate said quietly, nudging Mirik slightly and nodding toward a few people who looked like they were ready to attack or do something equally bad to Jax and Noel. 
Noel was completely lost in the moment of the kiss, eyes closed and heart pounding hard in his chest.  The only thing that stopped his emotions from spinning completely out of control was the fact that Jax pulled back from the kiss when the other needed to take a breath.  He hadn't even realized his lungs were begging for oxygen until he was lying there, panting in the snow and staring up at the massive flurry that was swirling around him and Jax's head.

He nodded his head when asked if he was okay, a small but adoring smile on his face as he stared up at Jax "Yeah, I'm alright... Just..." He blushed and shrugged a little "I never expected my first kiss to be so... intense and... amazing." He whispered, licking his lips - he was still able to taste Jax on his lips and tongue and he definitely wanted more of that amazing taste.

Unfortunately, as things started to settle down around them and the whirlwind of emotions finally settled inside of him, the snow lessening and the crowds around them became more clear. "Oh no..." Noel was worried that his brother, who was now there and starting toward the two of them, was going to somehow ruin this for him. But, at the same time, there were the humans that were gathered, looking like they were ready to go on the attack "Jax..." he grabbed the other man's hand, buried in the snow as they were "What do we do?"
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Nate started down the hill first, his own feet stuck in place for several seconds before follow. The grumbles soon began to turn into shouts,
"Ey! Fucking freaks! Go crawl back in the hole you belong in!" Mirik's eyes darted to the man standing next to him who bent down to scoop up some snow, a rock making its way into the mix and the others began to do the same.
Heart picking up in pace he acted quickly decided to draw attention away from the other three.
"Hey! If you want someone to chase look over here!" He threw back his hood and all the eyes turned towards him.
"We deserve to be here just like you." But of course his words never reached their ears.
A rock heavy snow ball whizzed past his ear, ducking he avoided the next one and with a flick of his wrist several inky 'human' forms appeared between him and others rushing forward with a mental command to hold off those that tried to go for Nate, Jax and Noel. Invading the human mind he threw up a wall of darkness in their sight so they could flee without hassle. 
He let out a hiss of pain as one of the rocky snow balls found its mark grazing the side of his cheek. 
"Come on let's go! I can only hold them off for so long.' Stumbling down the hill to the others he gripped the back of Jax's jacket and pulled him off Noel to his feet.
His burned hand made its self known once more as damaged flesh scraped across material, the sudden sensation of pain making his eyes gloss for a few moments.

"Your first kiss? Oh geez..." If his face could get any redder it would of, it felt odd knowing he'd been Noel's first but also kind of endearing that he'd let him steal something so precious.
"Shit.." Following Noel's eyes to the ridge he took in the sight of several anger hungry sets of eyes boring into them.
His heart stopped as Mirik turned to face them and shouted something that got their attention. A couple balls of snow were thrown in his direction, Jax could just make out small black specks dotting the white giving away they weren't just made of snow. 
It felt like hours went by as he watched him summon up a few shades to protect himself, as a wave of confusion crossed the humans faces Jax knew they were safe for a least a few minutes. Though Mirik was no less urgent as he hauled Jax to his feet,
"You're hurt?..." Jax winced internally for his friend seeing the small inch long gash on top of his cheek beginning to leak a few drops of blood.
"I'm fine. Lets just get out of here okay?"
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The flurry of activity around Jax, Nate, Noel, and Mirik was hectic at best.  The group of Anti-Mutant haters were still lobbing rock-infused snowballs at the four mutants as they ran deeper into the park, and eventually the woods.

Worried about what was happening to his new friends and older brother, Noel broke off from the others who were running deeper into the woods.  He clearly had some tricks up his own sleeves that he never even knew about; it was obvious to him now, that his dreams of being a mutant actually had come true.  Did he know how to control his powers?  Not in the slightest, but he knew he had to try something so that Jax, Nate, and Mirik could escape from the attacking humans.

He had to remember a lot in a very short amount of time; remembering from way back when his older brother had come into his powers.  Focus and breathe evenly.  Think about what it is you want to do, picture it in your mind.  Noel nodded his head, despite no one being around to see what it was he was doing.  He knew he could do this.  He had no choice but to do this; he had to protect his brother, Jax, and even Mirik.  Focusing all of his thoughts on the snow around him, Noel tried manipulating the field of snow before him; and soon enough a blockade of snow was formed in front of him and where the humans were coming from and where Jax, Nate, and Mirik were running away too.

Snowballs were still busting through the wall of snow that Noel was capable of building; it was not very thick, and the rocks mixed into the snow made them denser so they were able to go through.  Distracted by looking back to see if the trio had escaped from harm's way, Noel never noticed the snowball that was more rock than snow came hurdling straight towards him.  The ball slammed him hard in the face, causing him to lose his balance and focus on the snow wall.  Several anti-mutant human's came barreling down after that, but Noel was quick to hide himself behind some trees, burying himself in snow so he wasn't recognized or noticed.  His hands were shaking nervously and an annoying streak of hair was now dangling in his face  - the only worrisome part of that was, the streak of hair was stark white, much like the snow surrounding him.

Panting heavily, Nate finally came to a stop when they had ran clear across the woods and were now standing on the other side of town on a semi-deserted road.  It had been a long time since running that far and for that length of time, but luckily he wasn't too winded, given that he and Noel ran a couple of miles every morning; this was just a lot more difficult, given the amount of snow that they had to try and trudge through.  When he finally caught his breath enough, he took stock of what hurt and what didn't; his legs were throbbing, not unexpected given the amount of running.  His head was stinging a little, and he figured one of the snowball-rocks had grazed him or hit him when they were on the move, but other than that, everything else seemed to be in order.

He turned when he heard footsteps crunching up behind him, surprised to see that Mirik was emerging from the woods first and before his little brother; but he wouldn't worry, not yet anyway, he knew his brother was sometimes just a little bit slower with things, but he knew Noel had been with them when they first took off.  "Hey, are you alright?"  Nate asked, stepping up to Mirik and wiping the small amount of blood that had been on the other's cheek with his thumb - foregoing the use of his sleeve - it was miraculous but not an inch of Mirik's skin burned or even looked affected with the touch, and Nate blinked a few times "That's..." he had no words, really "There's something going on here, but we can figure that one out later."

Several minutes passed by, Nate pacing up and down the road that they had found themselves on; his worry starting to pick up over his little brother.  When Jax emerged from the woods, Nate was immediately in his face but not in an intimidating way - it was more a worried brother way - "Where is he, Jax?  The two of you were a bit further behind, didn't you keep an eye on him?!" Nate wanted to shout, but he knew it wouldn't help in this situation; although his voice was slightly raised.  Worried eyes left Jax's face so he could look into the depth of the woods, scanning every section that he could see, but there was no sign of Noel anywhere, and that just made Nate's worry and fears start building up even more.
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His sides burns from the run, not used to such long endurence bursts. He leaned into Nate's touch a light blush creeping across his cheeks at the feeling of his fingers. Though he didn't think anything of it when he wasn't shocked or burned more just loving the slight warmth he felt from his hand.
"I'm fine, should of ducked sooner is all." Flickering his eyes open again he saw Nate's concerned gaze back towards the woods, followed by Jax appearing moments later looking like he'd keel over from being out of breath.
"Hey...Nate calm down we can go back to look for him, I'm sure that group has lost interest by now." He set a hand gently on his shoulder and pulled him a few inches back from Jax when the younger looked like he was gonna have a heart attack.
Even though he tried to keep a positive outlook on the situation even his hopes started to wane as the minutes ticked by and Noel still didn't show, and with the emotions switching out across Jax's face he began to get worried he'd been off his medication to long.

"I..." His mouth hung open as Nate got close to him, his mind panicked rushing through a million different responses but none of them came out other then a stuttered 'I'. 
His hands began to shake and he hugged his sides tight to hide it, he wouldn't cry because he was frustrated not this time at least.
"I'll go back for him....I can use the trees to help me find him." While it was true he could connect with nature actually summoning his powers was another issue.
"Jax no, you can't even summon a flower without a vine appearing out of know where to trip you. What if those people are still out there I know you can't fight. Just let one of us go." Mirik had left Nate's side to try and set a hand on his shoulder but he shook him off, a look of anger blooming across his face as he stood his ground.
"I'm not fucking useless!...I'll bring him back its my fault this happened anyways." He turned and bolted back into the woods before either of them could stop him.
His lungs burned with the effort it took to run but he kept up the pace until he was back in the more snow heavy part of the rhythm where he'd last seen Noel behind him. He wasn't hopeful of this working but he spread out his hand across the icy bark of a tree and sent out a message, 'Find Noel....please...' He closed his eyes surprised when a image burst to life before his eyes showing him Noel.
As his opened his eyes a soft green glow emulated from his hand on the trunk, matching green marks began to light themselves up on neighboring trees until a path was outlined before him.
"Holy shit thank you!" It felt weird thanking a tree but he felt like it was nessicary with his power working in his favor for once.
"Noel?" He called out softly as he worked his way through the marked trees not wanting to voice to be to high in case the Anti Mutant supports were still wandering around.
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Hunkering down after wall had dropped was Noel's best option and idea yet. He heard the crunching of snow underneath heavy boots as the Anti-Mutant haters ran past the large tree he hid himself behind; with the aide of a pile of snow, he was able to mostly blend in. With all the adrenaline dropping and his powers finally subduing with no more emotions left to keep him 'powered up' he was finally starting to feel the cold seep into his bones, chilling him to the core. He hadn't realized how devastatingly powerful he was until Jax had kissed him, but without Jax around to ramp him up, he felt utterly powerless and drained of all excess energies.

Sleep was beckoning him to come closer, to fall into its loving embrace, but in the back of his mind, a little voice was telling him he needed to stay awake, that he had to get up and get out of the woods. That he needed to find Jax, Nate, and Mirik once again. He wasn't used to being alone, Nate had always been there for him, protecting him from the dangers of the world.

Tears start slowly slipping down his cheeks, freezing in their tracks on his cheeks from just how cold he was now. Shivers ran through his body, his normally vibrant skin was turning pale and his lips blue. Green eyes were dull and lifeless as he stared blankly ahead of himself. He could see movement up ahead of him, and what he thought was a faint trail of glowing green lights, but he couldn't have been sure as sleep started calling him, the pull of exhaustion stronger as the seconds ticked by. With a slight nod, he agreed with his body - a small nap, that was all he would take, and then he would find his brother, Jax, and Mirik and they could put the horrible day behind them.

When Mirik stepped in front of him to speak with Jax, he knew he had crossed a line; while they may not have been biologically related brothers, they had a bond much like Nate had with Noel, and stepping over that line was uncalled for. Even in his worried state about Noel, he knew he shouldn't have snapped at Jax. Just as he was about to step forward and offer an apology, Jax was screaming about how he'd find Noel by himself. He didn't know what Jax's powers were, nor how powerful they were in a fight or in a tracking situation, and it seemed like a bad idea "Jax! Wait! We can-..." but, it was too late, Jax had already disappeared into the snow-filled forest.

Nate bit his lip a little before moving to stand next to Mirik, "I'm sorry that I got in his face about Noel." Nate said quietly, moving to latch onto Mirik's hand lightly, fingers lacing through the others. He figured now was the best time to see if anything would happen - when no pain was forthcoming, he was relieved for both their sakes. "He's my only baby brother, and I swore I'd protect him at all costs. Letting him get lost in the woods with Anti-Mutant hunters after us? Not exactly upholding that promise..." Nate shook his head and gave a soft squeeze to Mirik's hand.

Nate let his eyes scan the tree border while standing there. He was hoping that Noel would somehow mysteriously show up, but there was still no sign of his little brother. With a defeated sigh, Nate gently tugged Mirik back toward the trees "We have to find him and keep up with Jax at the same time." He released Mirik's hand slowly, feeling the loss almost immediately as the other's hand dropped back to his side. He looked at his bare palm and smiled a little, there was an inky black mark that looked oddly like a swirl of smoke rising from his wrist to the center of his palm. He wanted to say something, but finding Jax and Noel was much more important to Nate "Alright. Let's go." Nate shoved his hands into his pockets and started off through the woods, hoping he could follow Jax's footprints, at least for now so they had an idea of his general direction.
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The touch sent electric shivers up his spine, only this time they felt euphoric instead of painful. Of course with the reaction from earlier he still looked a bit fearful about the prolonged touch. When the contact broke he felt a mental tug back towards Nate as his hands hid away in his pockets leaving him feeling empty. 
"Y-yah..It's fine, I'd react the same if it was my brother out there lost to." Nodding to the other as they set out Mirik spread his hand out facing up, a black cloud of smoke leaked from his skin slowly forming the shape of a raven.
It took off with a caw spreading it's smokey wings and darting in between the trees to follow the footprints, one of Mirik's eyes seemed to darken a bit as he stole the eyes of the Ravens for himself and split his vision in half to keep track of the pack instead. It had always felt like starring at a split screen video game when he did this but he'd gotten used to it over time, the only trick was not running into anything now. 
"Shit! We gotta go quicker!" When he'd found the two boys his heart raced seeing how cold they looked, and the looming figured next to them didn't help his panic any. 
Taking off in a sprint through the trees he pumped his legs hard in the snow hoping to get to them before anything bad happened.
He almost slammed into a Anti Mutant human several moments later, he'd had a bat raised over his head to strike Jax who seemed lost in thought starring at a mass of vines covering the other human. Without a second thought Mirik grasped the sides of the man's head tightly. The touch letting him push any image or thought he wanted into his mind so he went for the worse. He made the man believe many things, that he'd came home to find his loved ones slaughtered, his child being dragged away by a stranger to quickly for them to catch up, that Ghost from his childhood he thought wasn't real haunting his dreams for years to come always watching from a corner when he woke to continue the nightmare, being trapped in a psychiatric ward when he couldn't take it anymore living the rest of his life in a straight jacket humming to a unknown tune whilst rocking back and forth. It may of only been seconds to Mirik but to the man it was year's passing by until his fingers slipped away and he harshly broke the connection hoping to leave some permanent damage as his fears played on repeat. As he looked down at the pathetic excuse of a human not trembling at his feet he didn't feel sorry about what he'd done, no this was a new feeling, Triumph. Though the adrenaline soon wore off and his expression twisted into one of horror as he realized he may not of been the Hero he wanted to be anymore.

"Noel!" His voice was a soft hiss as he called out the name, darting behind a thick tree as a few people he didn't recognize trudged by. 
The green smudged on the trees began to slowly fade and Jax could feel his panic start to set in again. It got harder to move as the snow became thicker and his legs grew heavy with numbers. A small bundled shape began to take outline amoung the trees and snow, for a moment he thought his eyes were just playing tricks on him but the closer he got the more 'Noel' the shape appeared,
"Shit!" His legs screamed with exhaustion but this new shot of adrenaline coursing through his veins fought off the cold long enough for him to make it to the snow covered boyou.
"No no no, no time for sleep Noel you gotta wake up." His cold hands uncircled the scarf from his neck once again but he looped it up and around Noel's head and neck like a loose hijab to keep some warmth in.
Bending down he began to scoop away the snow surround him til he could get a good hold on the other, grunting with effort he pulled Noel from his entrapment and carried him bridal style. He hugged him tight making his way back through his snowy tracks but was stopped by two hulking figures not even halfway back through his path. 
His heart sank just like he did to his knees when it wasn't Nate or Mirik in front of them but two of the assholes from earlier. 
"L-leave us alone!" His voice cracked and as the last of his strength gave up on him he had to set Noel down beside him and put in the fiercest look he could muster while feeling half frozen.
Something felt like it snapped in the back of his mind as he saw a hand being raised toward them, I will protect him, it had felt like a door to his power unlocked for him.
Moments before the man would of struck him millions of small vine tendrils burst from the snow covered ground ungulfing the man. Time seemed to slow for him, everything fading out until he was just starring in shock as he fell to the side fully cacooned in the writhing mass of fauna. The sounds of shouting broke him from his trance, eyes snapping to the familiar white haired figure standing several feet away. His fingers were slipping from the other Anti Mutant's head, a look of confusion and emptiness on his face as he sank down to his knees by the other seeming lost about everything he was doing. Jax didn't have to guess when the terrified look on Mirik's face came into focus about what he'd done, and for just a moment he saw a flicker of satisfaction across his face from the feeling of breaking someone's mind.
"I'm sorry..." Was all Jax managed to mutter, eyes locking onto the ground.
Nate didn't know what Mirik had seen through his raven's eyes, but he was sure it had to be bad if it got the other man running again. Adrenaline was pumping hard through Nate's body as he ran a few steps behind Mirik, dodging trees and branches as they moved swiftly back through the woods. His worry for Noel, and now even Jax, had been amplified with the way Mirik was moving. He could feel the electric charge in his body increasing, a dark storm was brewing in his body and he couldn't stop it or the confusingly strong power that he was feeling - it had never felt like that before, but he was sure that if he even so much as used his powers now, something dangerous would no doubt happen.

He stopped, frozen in his tracks, as he watched Mirik grab a hold of one of the Anti-Mutants heads. It only lasted for a few seconds before the human was crumbling to the floor, that was all he could see for a few seconds; his vision tunneled to just Mirik and this unknown attacker. He shook himself and looked around slowly, eyes taking in all the writhing vines, Jax in the center of it all. His feet were finally unfrozen when all of the Anti Mutants were on the ground and he moved quickly and carefully over to where Jax and Noel were at. He heard the whispered words from Jax as he knelt down in front of them "It's okay..." Nate whispered "It's okay. We all do what we have to in desperate times, Jax. No one did anything wrong here except for the anti-mutants."

Nate looked to his baby brother, who was curled up, looking more like a statue than anything else. Nate reached a hand to Noel's cheek and lightly brushed across it with his thumb "He's practically frozen." Nate commented, a bit helplessly, as he moved to scoop his brother up into his arms "We've got to get him, and you, both to the hospital... We'll worry about everything else, later. These guys won't remember a thing that happened." Nate promised as he reached one hand to Jax and helped him stand up, all while still securely holding his little brother in his other arm - Nate was just strong enough to be able to hold Noel's smaller body with one arm, almost as if Noel were a small child.

A Few Hours Later:
Somehow Nate managed to get the three other men moving, safely getting them out of the woods and back into the town and his apartment where his car was located; he drove the four of them to a Mutant Safe hospital just a short distance outside of where they lived and got everyone checked in, except for himself and Mirik - they hadn't been as badly affected by the cold snow or the Anti-Mutant's who had attacked them. Doctors and Nurses immediately took Jax and Noel from the two older men and whisked them off to a warmer place. Noel and Jax were now under several warming blankets and sleeping comfortably, fighting off hypothermia and on drugs to keep away pneumonia and any other illness that could come from long-term exposure to such cold weather.

Nate sat with his back to a wall, Mirik not too far out of reach since Nate had a good grip on the other's hand, not wanting to let him go for any reason. Adrenaline was finally wearing off for Nate, his electric storm was finally calming. He looked over at Mirik, who still looked like he was in shock from what he'd done to that human. Nate scooted closer and slid his arm around Mirik's shoulders, holding him close and kissing his temple lightly "You did what you had to do, Mirik. You saved our brothers, and that's all that matters." Nate whispered against Mirik's head, fingers lightly moving across the curve of Mirik's shoulder and down his arm a little "They're safe now, because of you. You saved them while I just stood there like a fool..." Nate shook his head and frowned a little "How could I possibly ever repay you for that? For saving my baby brother when even I couldn't?" He knew that he also owed Jax a lot, and he figured if Jax and Noel wanted to try their hand at a relationship - he would give them that opportunity without interfering, a lot.
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He squeezed Nate's hand tightly without realizing the others knuckles had gone white for awhile now. The feeling of an arm sliding around his shoulder pulled him from his thoughts, the kiss to his temple made his face turn instantly red but it wasn't like he could pull away from Nate now. Biting at his bottom lip he didn't know how to feel,
"I don't think I can be a hero anymore..." His voice was low as he spoke, shaking just the slightest.
His head leaned his lightly against Nate's shoulder, his pale blue eyes just starring off into the distance for a bit until he finally found his shaking stilled.

A few hours passed in the waiting room before a nurse came to check in with them,
"Um Mr.Daivolous? Jax is awake if you'd like to see him. He's still a bit loopy from medication, and we're afraid he still has a bit of a cold left over from being outside." The nurse gave a gentle smile as he perked up from the chair a bit of life seeming to flood back to his face.

He fought against the blankets at first, throwing them off every few minutes much to the nurses dismay. After the seventh time of being smothered he gave into the warmth and fell into a deep slumber. His vitals looked fine but a nurse was still posted close by him as his body heated up from an on coming fever. When he couldn't fall back asleep anymore the nurse disappeared out the door and returned with a familiar snowy haired individual in tow.
"I didn't die, aren't ya proud?" He smirked at Mirik's serious face and was surprised when he was enveloped in a hug, or at least the best one he could get sitting half up.
"If I ever catch you trying to play hero like that again it's gonna be me beating your ass instead of some human!" Mirik squeezed him tight not letting go for several moments.
"I...I don't know what came over me. I needed to help Noel and that's all I could think about. I'm sorry Mik." Tears pricked at Jax's eyes but he didn't let them fall, he wanted to start acting brave after all.
He expected to get yelled at again but Mirik being Mirik surprised him with praise,
"Well you're not hurt at least, and that was some show of power you had back there." His hair was ruffled making his slight curls stick in even more of a mess.
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