Forum Rules
These are where the rules and guidelines to MPreg Boards can be found.  Violators of these rules will be warned, or banned, depending on the severity of their actions.  If you see anyone breaking a forum rule, please do not hesitate to report them, we would like this forum to stay safe, and fun for everyone!

Repeat offenses will be permanently banned and will have no chance of being unbanned in the foreseeable future - should you ever get permanently banned and want to repeal the ban, you can always make an Unban Request in the section provided.  It will be reviewed by the staff and we will come to a decision on whether or not to unban you!

Please also keep in mind that these rules are subject to change at the administration's discretion.  As this is currently a brand new forum we are testing the waters and seeing what we can and cannot do, what people like and do not want to see!  We are working hard and with everyone to put forth an enjoyable experience so that no one is limited in their creativity!
1)  All registered users must be 18 or Older in order to join - Those who are not eighteen or older will be banned until a time in which they are eighteen.  This is a highly restrictive rule and must be obeyed at all times.  There are things that could be on this website that are not safe for children under the age of eighteen and we would like to keep them safe from possible triggering events.

This is a non-negotiable term of the forums.  There is no addendum or wiggle room.  All players must be eighteen years of age and will receive a permanent ban until they are of age to join the forum legally!
2)  BESTIALITY is not allowed on this forum.  This means having sexual relationships between an ANIMAL and a HUMAN being.

The exception to this rule is Anthro's, Furries, and Animal Shapeshifters; those are the ONLY accepted forms of sex between two animals that also happen to be human-like in nature.  Violators of this rule will be warned twice before a week ban is put in place.
3) INCEST Relationships - This is currently a negotiable subject matter.  There are several subjects that we will allow, while others we are against.  The only way that one will be able to repeal the currently UNACCEPTED subject matters is by creating a petition and having Fifty(50) or more people that agree that it should be a part of the forum, or against the rules entirely.

Currently Accepted Incest Relationships:
  • Siblings (Brother/Sister - Brother/Brother - Sister/Sister)
  • Step-Siblings (See above.)
  • Cousins.
  • Step-Parents (Step-Father/Son - Step-Father/Daughter - Step-Mother/Son - Step-Mother/Daughter)
Currently Unaccepted Incest Relationships:
  • Parent/Child (Mother/Son - Mother/Daughter - Father/Son - Father/Daughter)
  • Grandparent/Grandchild (Grandmother/Granddaughter - Grandmother/Grandson - Grandfather/Grandson - Grandfather/Granddaughter)
  • Uncle/Nephew - Uncle/Niece - Aunt/Nephew - Aunt/Niece
Those found in violation of this rule will receive two warnings and then will be banned for one week.
4)  PREGNANT MINOR CHARACTERS are not allowed on this forum.  This means that anyone under the age of EIGHTEEN are not allowed to be portrayed as being pregnant, having been pregnant or even having sex is allowed.
Violators of this rule will be warned ONCE, if it happens again, a two week ban will be put into place.
  • 4a) MINOR CHARACTERS are ALLOWED on the forum - meaning from age seventeen and younger.  But they must not be involved in sexual activities in any manner of speaking - they should not even be in the same virtual room as two adults who may be having sex.
    Violators of this rule will NOT be warned and will receive a two week ban - if the offense is committed again they will be permanently banned from the forum.
  • 4b) CHARACTERS that LOOK like they are under the age of eighteen but are actually eighteen or older will not be acceptable.  
5) RACISM is not allowed on the forum in any context; violators will be BANNED immediately and permanently - You can always request an unban, plead your case to administration.  If it is seen happening again, though, you will be banned indefinitely with no chance of being unbanned from the forums!
  • Racial Slurs, Hateful Messages, and Segregation toward any one group of people is unacceptable and will not be tolerated in any manner.
  • Using political historical events in a derogatory manner will not be tolerated (The Holocaust, African Enslavement, etc.).
This rule is all inclusive to Roleplays, Stories, Artworks, Videos, and Discussions on the forum.  There is absolutely no wiggle room on this rule - If you are caught posting anything that is insensitive to any group of person's, you will not receive any warnings, but a straight ban.  Do not try and find a loophole to this rule, either.
6) Pornographic Material is not allowed in places such as your Signature, Avatar, Profile Picture, or Any location not marked (NSFW, 18+).

While this forum IS for an adult audience, not everyone is interested in seeing sexually explicit materials, hence why there are marked sections for NSFW content.  Avoidance of this rule will result in a warning and removal of such content.   Continued violations will receive a ban of UP TO two days.
  • 6a) Off-Site Linking to pornographic websites is allowed so long as it is clearly marked as NSFW/18+ and is posted in the proper sections [NSFW VIDEOS]. Failure to follow this rule will result in a link/post removal and a warning. Continued failure will result in a ban of UP TO two days.

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